SteadFast Rides leadership wanted to change the second hand rides business for the better. Taking an approach that is highly successful in different industries, the SteadFast Rides concept was born and put into place to provide owners of rides and attractions a fresh approach and an easier way to do business. It is headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland where aspects of our certification work are performed.  

Our team of ride experts have worked for a multitude of trades within the amusement industry including multinational companies, European based companies, regional theme park operators, and various amusement industry suppliers. This diverse set of backgrounds blends skills and talents to make SteadFast Rides possible. 

SteadFast Rides is supported by Ride Entertainment.  Ride Entertainment is a world leader in providing thrilling rides to the attractions industry. From record-breaking roller coasters to world-renowned brands to award-winning family attractions, it has earned international recognition for innovation and commitment to quality entertainment. Ride Entertainment understand that our customers want the best, which is why we offer world-class attractions, parks, people, and now certified pre-owned rides. 

For questions or comments, please fill out and submit the request form. One of our certified ride experts will get back to you. If you prefer, give us a call. 

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