Our Services

1. Certified Pre-owned Rides for Sale

SteadFast Rides products provide our customers with peace of mind and value of ownership by offering certified pre-owned amusement rides and attractions. We differ from other used ride brokers by placing all our rides through our rigorous 100-point inspection checklist to earn the Steadfast Rides stamp of approval.  As the amusement industry’s certifying authority for late-model rides and attractions, our rides include a limited warranty to ensure a quality experience for ownership. 

Our checklist was created by our team of ride experts who have served in both maintenance and operational capacities within the attraction industry for more than 50 years.  This blend of talent places our work close to the needs of ride and attraction owners today making your experience working with SteadFast Rides easy, simple, and honest. 

2. Request Ride & Attraction Purchase Assistance

SteadFast Rides knows that the process of buying second hand rides can be challenging. Many factors should be evaluated when deciding to purchase a second-hand rides. Our team of ride experts can remove the unknown factor when buying used rides and give you peace of mind that your desired ride or attraction is being purchased with professional care.  By contracting SteadFast Rides for procurement assistance, your ride is still eligible for our limited warranty. Contact us today to learn more. 

3. Ride & Attraction Operations Training

SteadFast Rides continues to differentiate itself from ride brokers by offering ride and attraction operational training for owners or their designated staff. Any ride or attraction that has been contracted through SteadFast Rides is eligible for our team of experts to work with ownership on developing internal operating procedures.  Our professionals work to understand how you, as an owner, want to run your business to develop procedures that meet your needs and ensure compliance with self-regulating internationally accepted standards.  Contact us today to learn more. 

4. Request Certification by Current Owners

SteadFast Rides is able to work with any ride and attraction owner to earn the SteadFast stamp of approval on rides and equipment already owned. Our 100 point inspection checklist can be applied to rides shipped to us or in some cases in the field. Certified Pre-owned certification does not require you to purchase a ride or attraction through SteadFast Rides.  We can apply our processes to rides that you already own. Contact us today to learn more. 

5. Ride & Attraction Selection & Packaging Consultation

SteadFast Rides team of ride experts is comprised of industry veterans with planning, development,  operational backgrounds.  This experience can be helpful for owners looking to find the right mix of second hand rides and attractions. We know all locations are unique. We use no cookie cutter models when evaluating an owner’s business. We customize each consultation to represent the best options for owners and their customers. By Contracting SteadFast Rides for consulting services, your ride or attraction choices are still eligible for our limited warranty.  Contact us today to learn more. 

6. We Buy Rides

If you have rides that are no longer wanted, needed, or not working for any reason let us know. We buy all kinds of rides and attractions in any condition. Nothing is not worth mentioning so please let us know if something you have is for sale. Contact us today to learn more.